03 -December -2021 - 07:25

Quality, Environment and Safety


The Quality is, for us, one of the main values of Transporcarga.

Every day, we have achieved parameters of requirement, imposed by our best customers and by Quality Management system, according to the standard EN ISO 9001.

Based on our policy of continuous improvement, we have made commitments to social responsibility and invest in permanent satisfaction of our employees, customers and partners.


In Transporcarga we want to reduce the impact of our activity on earth.

Our main commitment is preserve it through the use of technologies that reduce the emission of pollutants and through the implementation of an Environmental Management System based on ISO 14001.

We share, thus, the principles of our Environmental Policy that contextualize our ongoing commitment to:

Ensure the legal compliance of environmental legislation applicable to installations and services performed by Transporcarga.

Seek continuous improvement, establishing objectives for improvement in environmental aspects and making their respective monitoring and assessments of performance.

Promote the training and environmental awareness in Transporcarga.

Investment in a new fleet, in which the average age of cars is 3 years. Cars equipped with technologies that reduce the emission of pollutants.


Safety and Health is a practice and a constant concern in Transporcarga.

Internally, we inform all our collaborators on the risks of the job, preventive measures and internal procedures to be carried out in the event of an accident/incident.

Security is very important to you and us. For that our mission is accomplished with success we guarantee the safety of our employees by providing the appropriate PPE's (Personal Protective Equipment).

We appreciate, too, health at work, preventing our collaborators of any injury or illness resulting from work, fostering the good performance of the company and the reduction of the rate of absenteeism and work-related accidents.

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