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Article 1º 

Scope of Application

The Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Transporcarga is applicable to all the employees of the organization, either through employment relationship, either through contract for the provision of services.

All the Collaborators of the Transporcarga, within the scope of its functions and powers, in internal and external relations, must abide by the principles and ethical values explicit in this code as their provisions.

It is the responsibility of management of the organization to ensure that the principles adopted in this Code are communicated, understood and respected by all employees. These are required to strictly comply with these principles, as well as the communication to the management of non-compliance with the same.



The Transporcarga performs all kinds of national and international transport operations with location of its fleet, in real time, by satellite.

With daily transport across Europe, to Transporcarga provides the service of appropriate transport in accordance with the goods to be transported by ensuring their deliveries with total safety in time and place combined with the customer.

The Transporcarga offers a wide variety of services to meet the various needs of the market, such as:



The Transporcarga was distinguished by IAPMEI with the PME status Leader 2012, october 1, 2012.

With this award, the Transporcarga ve recognized its strategy of growth and strengthening its competitive basis through the effort that, since its creation, has been putting in innovation and implementation of new products in the area of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). These products have to be placed with increasing success in the international market.

The PME status Leader is a stamp of reputation of companies, created by IAPMEI to distinguish the merits of national SME with superior performance, and is awarded in partnership with the Tourism of Portugal and the set of Partner Banks, on the basis of the evaluation of the best rating and economic-financial indicators.

It should be noted also that the SME status Leader is assigned in the course of the Program FINCRESCE, that has as objective confer notoriety and optimize the conditions of financing for companies with higher risk profile and to pursue growth strategies and strengthening its competitive basis.

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