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Article 1º 

Scope of Application

The Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Transporcarga is applicable to all the employees of the organization, either through employment relationship, either through contract for the provision of services.

All the Collaborators of the Transporcarga, within the scope of its functions and powers, in internal and external relations, must abide by the principles and ethical values explicit in this code as their provisions.

It is the responsibility of management of the organization to ensure that the principles adopted in this Code are communicated, understood and respected by all employees. These are required to strictly comply with these principles, as well as the communication to the management of non-compliance with the same.

Article 2º 

Safeguarding of assets 

The collaborators must ensure the protection and conservation of economic goods that are to your burden or at your fingertips, as well as take appropriate measures to minimize costs and avoid the waste of resources available, making more efficient use thereof.

As well as, these may not be used for personal purposes. To safeguard the property of Transporcarga, employees will also hold the well-being of civil society, because they are in constant contact with this. 

Article 3º 


The collaborators must assume an attitude of loyalty to the organization in which they develop their professional activity, committing himself to safeguard its credibility and prestige.

They must also denounce situations that might call into question the image/ prestige of Transporcarga:

- Comply with and enforce the standards laid down by the organization;

- Act with transparency, rigor and truth;

- Be consistent in practice of values and principles.

- Do not exert external activity that interferes with their tasks and activities of the company (not incur conflict of interests).

It is understood that there is a conflict of interests where the employee has a direct or indirect personal interest that can remove potential advantage for himself, for some family or affine, for friends or acquaintances and that can influence the performance expected in the performance of their duties.

Article 4º 

Confidentiality and professional secrecy

Employees must use of reserve and discretion in relation to facts and information of which they have knowledge by means of the exercise of their functions.

The personal information about the employees are subject to the principle of confidentiality.

Article 5º


The management information must comply with the applicable legislation, be accurate, complete, timely performed, represent with reliability the economic and financial situation, property, social and environmental dimensions, and be permanently accessible in appropriate media.

The entire transport equipment must meet all the standards in force both at the level of the highway code and other applicable legislation.

Article 6º

Interpersonal Relations

Employees must:

- Contribute to the creation of a good working environment, facilitating collaboration and mutual cooperation;

- Primar by reciprocal relations by a treatment cordial, respectful and professional;

- Search for the best solutions for the company regardless of their interests;

- Share the knowledge and information;

- Promote the mutual aid.

Article 7º

Safety and Welfare at Work

The Transporcarga ensures compliance with the applicable standards for safety, health, hygiene and well-being at work, and their collaborators observe regulations the internal instructions on this matter.

The enforcement of safety rules is an obligation of all, and it is the duty of the employees of the organization inform in due time to the management of the occurrence of any anomalous situation likely to jeopardize the security of people, facilities and equipment of the organization.

Article 8º

Equal Opportunities 

The Transporcarga respects the principle of equal opportunities and the individual merit, promoting professional development of its employees throughout the working life of the same.

Employees should seek, in a permanent way, the improvement and updating of their knowledge, having in view the maintenance, development and improvement of their professional skills and the provision of better service to customers.

Are inadmissible any individual forms of discrimination incompatible with the dignity of the human person, in particular on grounds of origin, ethnicity, gender, political or religious confession, being also prohibited conducts that closer with any practice of harassment. The right to privacy must be scrupulously respected.

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